ZEN Brand

ZEN is created due to collaboration of people with disabilities and designers and strives to providing possibilities for socially excluded, to design possibilities for sharing love and to connect.

Social responsibility

By purchasing a product from the ZEN offer, you invest in the planned projects for the marginalized categories of citizens.

Investing in creating opportunities

The total revenue from the ordered products is automatically transferred to the projected budget for the next challenge which is of social importance.

Investing in creating opportunities

You will be able to follow updates on our website or in the mobile application (under construction).

Next challenges

Development of a platform and mobile application for contact with public, social and health institutions for persons from the marginalized categories of citizens.

Development of a mobile application for movement and orientation in the space for people with disabilities, users of devices, wheelchairs.

Originality and product of Macedonia

Each product is subject to a quality control process and implies longevity and originality.

Your T-shirt has an original design, applied in an individual procedure for each piece, using advanced technology that offers quality and durability. The unusual look of the T-shirt model was specially created for ZEN and produced in Macedonia.

The bracelets with original design are marked with the brand logo, made each separately, appropriately and carefully packaged, which offers a special unboxing pleasure.

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