Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Dear Customers,

Before using our services, we would like to inform of rights and obligations to which our services and products are addressed. Having that on mind, we would ask to read our Terms of Use and other related documents.

By using our webpage and services and products included in the E-Shop, the Customer confirms that he has read the Terms of Use and he complies fully. Shall he not accept Terms of Use, he could choose not to use this webpage and offered services and products.

  1. Privacy Policy

In order a service or product to be offered on NGO Equality webpage, for which all information are included in “Ordering Instructions” and “Delivery”, it is needed within the website to collect only few personal information of the ordering part. To be exact, the name and surname, contact address and e-mail address, telephone number and information about your payment card. This information are added at registration to our e-shop data and when ordering a service/s or product/s. By having to register or order as a Visitor the Costumer is complying to secure sharing of personal information, only used by NGO Equality for the purpose of order and delivery procedure.

Personal data are used exclusively for exact and on-time delivery of the order and to conclude the purchase of products or services. Additionally, personal information will be used to dully notify about the order’s processing, our offers and promotions, as well for improving our E-shop services and NGO Equality customer services improvements for greated user experience.

NGO Equality will use data only for the purposes that the Customer have provided them. The data will be stored in time-manner and due procedures stated in the regulations of the Law of Protection of Personal Information and all applying laws, including rigorous respecting of technical and organizational security measures. The Customer has right to ask for information which personal data we store, to request a correction in case there is mistake or to ask for deletion. He could ask not to receive e-mail with promotional information at inbox, without necessity personal data of the Customer to be removed from the website database.

All information regarding the order and purchase by the client on our website E-shop is considered confidential and are treated as such by the laws of Republic of Macedonia.

Shall you have any questions or requests please contact us at info@equality.agency or at +38971767565.

By using our website E-shop you adhere to Terms of Use for storing personal data only in for the purposes mentioned. NGO Equality is storing and processing personal information for the purposes and in due to procedures stated in this Terms of Use.

  1. Responsibility and Agreement

The NGO Equality is managing the website www.equality.agency, and the corresponding address is “Vladimir Komarov” 21/5, Skopje, Macedonia. Therefore, The NGO Equality guarantees that the content of this website, as well as the conditions for its use, are in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Macedonia. On the other hand, the NGO Equality does not guarantee that the content and use of the services is in accordance with the laws of other countries from which the Customer is accessing this website.

If the Customer visits this website or use our services outside the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, ne is confirming to be aware of the consequences and is responsible for any violations of the applicable laws of the country from which he access the website or use its services.

Additionally, the NGO Equality is not to be hold responsible and is not in charge of content on the websites that could be reached through the links stated on our site. These links lead to the websites of independent legal entities, such as suppliers and partners of the NGO Equality. Shall the customer use these links he confirms to be aware that he leaves our website. The NGO Equality does not have any control over the content and security of these pages, nor it is responsible if any violations occur. The NGO Equaliy is not responsible or obliged to provide statements and information about the content of those websites, their software, products and materials contained therein, or any consequences due to their use. If the Customer decides to use any of the links on our site leading to other sites, he does so at his own risk.

The NGO Equality has no obligation to control or review the content of the users statements as well as their mutual communication that takes place on this website. However, the NGO Equality reserves the right to remove content posted by users if it is considered of containing insults, defamation, threats or other not acceptable behaviors. The NGO Equality takes serious approach to security measures, nevertheless would not be responsible for the violations that will be committed on our website by third parties, regardless of whether that violation is relating to persons which rights are guaranteed by the applicable laws of the Republic of Macedonia.

  1. Delivery

The shipping company will deliver ordered products from Monday to Friday during working hours from 08:00 to 16:00 CET+1. Having that on mind it is suggested for the Customer to be at the delivery address stated in the order details. Usual delivery period is 3 to 5 working days, unless it is a delivery abroad Republic of Macedonia, which depends upon policy of the shipping company.

More information on the delivery process are available in Delivery Process Information document.

  1. Right to Returns and Reclamations

When the ordered product/s or service/s are delivered to the Customer, he is obliged to immediately review it in order to determine if it is corresponding to the order specifications.

If delivered product/s or service/s does not correspond to the ordered ones in terms of type, shape, size, model, color, number or is/are claimed for other reasons different from the ordered one, the Customer has the right to request a replacement within 10 days from the day of purchase for delivery within Republic of Macedonia and 25 days from the purchase for deliveries outside Republic of Macedonia. This right to replacement is valid only if the product has not been used or does not contain any faults from the initial condition upon the delivery.

In case an unsuitable product/s or service/s are delivered, please contact us at +38971767565 or by e-mail info@equality.agency within the 24 hours after the delivery. We will answer as soon as possible on the further steps that need to be taken in order to dully fulfill your rights as a consumer.

If the NGO Equality can not provide with available identical product as stated in the initial order, the Customer has the right to ask the product to be replaced with a suitable one and if not possible to request a refund at amount of the initially ordered product or service, but only if it is not considered damaged or used. The NGO Equality is obliged to inform the Customer if there is such product available within a period that can not be longer than 30 days from the date of reclamation request.

In case of refund, the refund amount will be transferred to the bank account specified in the Request for Replacement.

  1. Product/s and Service/s Not Corresponding to Ordered Ones

When the ordered product/s or service/s is/are delivered to the Customer, it is an obligation for the ordering part to inspect it immediately in order to determine if it is corresponding to the exact order specifications.

The product or service is considered not corresponding to the initial order specifications when it does not fulfill the general obligation for safety(see below), and it does not provide the kind of security that the customer has right to expect, respectively when it does not fulfill the general obligation for conformity determined in the Law on Consumer Protection or the contractual obligations of Republic of Macedonia.

A safe product or service is any product/service which under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, including the expiry date, does not present any risk if used properly, and meet the conditions that provide high degree of protection to human safety and health. Accordingly, related to: – attributes of the product, including its components, packaging, instructions, as a usage and maintenance; – the impact on other products, in case it is used alongside with other products; – product presentation, its markings, labeling, instructions for use, disposal and any other marks and – categories of consumers, especially children and elderly person, that could be faced with a risk if the product or the service is inappropriately used.

The Customer to whom a product or service is delivered and it does not meet the order specification has the right to request any of the possible solutions: removal of the faults at no cost for the ordering part; or proportional reduction of the initial selling price; or replacement of the product or service with a suitable one available in the current offer, from the same type and brand; or termination of the contract, and refund of the amount of the initially purchased product.

The Customer has no right to terminate the contract if the fault of the product or service does not indicate without doubt a violation of quality standards that comply to any identical product/service of the same brand.

The Customer is obliged to submit an appropriate prove of the faulty product. The NGO Equality is obliged to accept the product with fault from the Customer and to meet his request, unless he proves that the fault of the product occurred due to violation of the rules of use and storage by the Customer, third parties or force majeure.

The Customer has the right to attend the product quality check by the NGO Equality representatives, if applicable.

In case of refund, the refund amount will be transferred to the bank account specified in the Request for Replacement.

  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The NGO Equality reserves the right to change the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use” at any time and without prior notice. Therefore, we invite the customers to periodically check whether such changes have occurred.

These Terms of Use are interpreted and appliable exclusively in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Macedonia.

  1. E-commerce Service Terms of Use

By accessing the website of the NGO Equality and when ordering products / services, the Customer agrees to the terms of this Terms of Use and related documents enclosed on this webpage for using the e-commerce service of this website.

The NGO Equality reserves the right to change these policies and terms at any time, and is obliged to update changes on this website.

  1. Cardholder Personal Data Protection

The NGO Equality will use the personal data strictly in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and other relevant regulations of the Republic of Macedonia. It is obliged not to disclose personal data to any third party, except in cases where it is permitted or legally allowed, in order to protect its rights and interests or to comply with court orders or other legal or regulatory needs. Personal data is considered: name, surname, personal identification number, address, e-mail address or any other data enclosed during registration or purchase process. The customer guarantees of the accuracy of the data entered. The NGO Equality holds no responsibility if the entered customer data are incorrect.

  1. Policy for Confidential Data Protection

The NGO Equality takes all necessary measures to protect personal data in order to prevent loss, theft and misuse, as well as unauthorized access, possibility of data modification or deletion. The NGO Equality has no access to the number, date, validity and security code of the Customer’s payment card provided during any of the purchase procedures, nor does it have access to any information related to the Customer bank account. The data is entered on the highly secure web portal of the bank processing center for online payment transactions.

  1. Shipping Terms and Policy

This Policy applies for shipping of products ordered via the NGO Equality E-shop, whereby the products will be delivered through the courier service to the address specified in the order details.

The products and their prices will be displayed on this website. Accepted payments are: by credit / debit card for all orders or in cash upon delivery by the courier service for orders within the Republic of Macedonia.

During the order placement a shipping cost is added to the price of product.

For any additional questions regarding the order and shipping method, contact us directly by phone or send us an e-mail enclosed to this Terms of Use or via webpage contact section.

  1. Card Payment Refund Policy

If the payment amount is inaccurate or it is done improperly the NGO Equality will start the refund procedure upon submitted written request and proof of payment by the Customer, which will indicate the date of the mentioned payment and the exact amount spent.

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