Inspiring format of the show and podcast, in which I talk to successful Macedonians who have achieved success and are happy and committed to theirs life mission.

Original approach
Awakening the senses for socially and life-related topics
Innovative format
Inspirational guests
Socially impactful project



7 tv-shows & podcasts extended episodes

7 inspirational guests – Ilina Arsova, Duke Bojadziev, Nikola Ristanovski, Natasha Andonova, Izet Curi, Igor Angelovski

7 inspirational stories from socially excluded persons

7 exercises for better body-mind balace


The show is to be broadcasted on internet video services and on one of the national tv broadcasters.

Purpose and mission of the ZEN project

The goal is to motivate the entire nation, especially young people and people who are marginalized, stigmatized and discriminated.

Mission: Love, Strength, Freedom

The connotation and the purpose are absolutely positive and the point is from this to emerge a project entitled Love, Strength, Freedom for affirmation of the rights of the marginalized, stigmatized, and to raise awareness and reinspire the honor of the individual and society.

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