Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In order a service or product to be offered on NGO Equality webpage, for which all information are included in “Ordering Instructions” and “Delivery”, it is needed within the website to collect only few personal information of the ordering part. To be exact, the name and surname, contact address and e-mail address, telephone number and information about your payment card. This information are added at registration to our e-shop data and when ordering a service/s or product/s. By having to register or order as a Visitor the Costumer is complying to secure sharing of personal information, only used by NGO Equality for the purpose of order and delivery procedure.

Personal data are used exclusively for exact and on-time delivery of the order and to conclude the purchase of products or services. Additionally, personal information will be used to dully notify about the order’s processing, our offers and promotions, as well for improving our E-shop services and NGO Equality customer services improvements for greated user experience.

NGO Equality will use data only for the purposes that the Customer have provided them. The data will be stored in time-manner and due procedures stated in the regulations of the Law of Protection of Personal Information and all applying laws, including rigorous respecting of technical and organizational security measures. The Customer has right to ask for information which personal data we store, to request a correction in case there is mistake or to ask for deletion. He could ask not to receive e-mail with promotional information at inbox, without necessity personal data of the Customer to be removed from the website database.

All information regarding the order and purchase by the client on our website E-shop is considered confidential and are treated as such by the laws of Republic of Macedonia.

Shall you have any questions or requests please contact us at info@equality.agency or at +38971767565.

By using our website E-shop you adhere to Terms of Use for storing personal data only in for the purposes mentioned. NGO Equality is storing and processing personal information for the purposes and in due to procedures stated in this Terms of Use.

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